James the Croc

James the Croc lives in a zoo, he manages to escape and this story follows his adventures. This app is a fully animated watercoloured ipad children’s book, with games throughout for a total interactive experience.

*James the croc lived in a zoo

All alone with nothing to do

As soon as the keeper started his nap

James would escape through the fences gap.

*Soon the burp came and it was very loud

What happened next made James very proud

Out of his mouth jumped a grumpy old toad

followed by playing cards which flew all across the road.

This app is for children and those young at heart.

It has 2 reading methods

  1. -Read to me, with a narrator, sound effects and animation

  2. -Read myself, no narration but with sound effects and animation

Additional features

  1. -A replay button on each page to re-watch the animation.

  2. -Choose how James gets home with 2 alternative endings

  3. -9 different games throughout the book

  4.   Coded letter game

  5.    Word Search

  6.    Colour/Shape matching game

  7.    Card matching

  8.    Which item belongs to whom

  9.    Telling the time

  10.    Putting the correct items from the list into the basket

  11.    Counting game

  12.    Shopping game (working out total price and paying for items)

  13. -The games have a different solution each time you play them.

  14. -Activate the games by clicking on the flashing item

The first 3 pages of this app are free, then there is an in app purchase (one off charge) of £2.49 to read the rest of the book

Price: £2.49



Do you have any comments or suggestions about the book? We would love to hear from you - send us an email.